Over Prolock Omega - Oeverbescherming van kanalen, rivieren en jachthavens

Prolock Omega consists of unique, durable plastic screens combined with untreated softwood piles. The screens hold back soil, while the wooden piles reinforce the entire structure. Steel piles can be used for heavy duty barriers. Prolock Omega can be used for bank protection of canals, rivers and marinas.


Our plastic screens feature a wear-resistant top layer with unique UV protection. The wooden piles are placed below the surface of the water. This prevents them from rotting. As a result the plastic screens and the wood piles have a guaranteed lifespan of at least 50 years. After that period, our systems can be recycled again, which means they are completely in line with the cradle-to-cradle principle.

Prolock Omega is very suitable as heavy construction for dam walls in canals, rivers, lakes and marinas. For a lighter dam wall you need Prolock Sigma.


Advantages of Prolock Omega

  • Very sustainable and environmentally responsible
  • Unique UV protection ensures a lifespan of at least 50 years
  • Competitive pricing due to the combination of plastic and wood
  • Robust and flexible
  • Innovative Dutch quality product
  • Available in any required length

Download the tender texts

Available online soon. Use the contact form to request product details

Download the product details

Available online soon. Use the contact form to request product details