Our innovative and sustainable product line for the construction and industrial sectors consists of Combiboard Beta, Gamma and Zeta.


Combiboard Beta

With the Combiboard Beta construction panels you can quickly erect durable walls, both indoors and outdoors. The functional partitions of recycled plastic are a good alternative for brick walls. Additionally, they feature a wear-resistant and colourfast top layer which is resistant to aggressive chemicals. The unique click system makes it easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble the panels, and cleaning them is effortless. With its flexible, hygienic and sustainable properties, Combiboard Zeta has many applications. For example, the panel can be used as a temporary separation wall during renovation works, but also as a partition wall in a washing facility, or in the food industry.


Combiboard Gamma

Combiboard Gamma offers a robust and fire-resistant solution. These stable construction panels have a fire class rating of Euro Class B-s3, d0. The system can be installed both horizontally and vertically while retaining its fire class rating. This sets Combiboard Gamma apart from competing plastic wall systems. The system can also be installed as a separation wall in environments where fire safety is an important condition, such as during renovation works or at an indoor event venue.


Combiboard Zeta

Combiboard Zeta is the most stable wall panel. It combines the advantages of plastics with those of concrete. Combiboard Zeta is fire-resistant and has a fire class rating of Euro Class B-s2, d0. Quickly and easily install a strong and completely finished wall that is resistant to moisture, mould, vermin and aggressive substances. Zeta walls also feature a premium and colourfast top layer that is extremely hygienic. This makes the system perfect for use in the food industry, hall construction or storage facilities. Combiboard Zeta can also be combined with other Combiboard products, making the possible applications endless.


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